Who I Am

Welcome to Jeff Taborsky, LLC, your dedicated provider of expert appraisal services. Founded in 2019 and based in Colleyville, TX, I bring 15 years of experience to the table, serving a wide range of residential clients. My services are primarily focused on serving the DFW metroplex and its surrounding areas. In addition to my appraisal expertise, I am also a licensed real estate agent. This dual expertise gives me a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market, further enhancing the quality of my appraisals.

My journey in this industry has been deeply rooted in family heritage, with a lineage of appraisers extending back to my father and brother. This familial background coupled with my passion for the flexibility and diversity of the field allows me to deliver unique, personalized service to each client. My services are characterized by swift turnarounds, excellent communication, and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. You can trust that I understand the industry’s intricacies thoroughly to provide accurate and reliable assessments tailored to your unique needs.

client signing up the property appraisal contract
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Work With Me!

Discover why Jeff Taborsky, LLC, is a leader in residential appraisal services in Colleyville, TX. Reach out for a free estimate and experience exceptional service today!

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